Build Back Better: EZblocks on the Highway to Safety and Sustainability

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EZblocks CEO Montu Khokhar noticed a collapsed highway barrier along Toronto’s busy 407 highway hadn’t been replaced for months – he decided to take action. EZblocks stepped in to help the affected homeowners and constructed a 100% green EZblocks barrier for two homes, at no cost.

“We thought it was important to step in and help our community. It was something we could do quickly and affordably because of how easy it is to build with EZblocks. We don’t have to lay foundation and the blocks simply stack atop one another creating a much stronger barrier than the one we replaced.” said, Mr. Khokhar.

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Built from EZblocks’ renewable and reusable wooden blocks, the new barrier is stronger and will last much longer. The blocks, constructed from sustainably-sourced Canadian timber and aluminum provide improved sound dampening, natural beauty and greater utility. “The new barrier is a significant improvement.” said Claire, one of the homeowners. “It not only blocks out more of the highway noise, it also looks great from inside our yard.”

Once the city approved EZblocks’ solution the new barrier was built in less than a day.

EZblocks’ inventor noted that the city’s previous fencing represented the old way of doing things, where structures are built up and ultimately deconstructed, destroyed and replaced due to wear and tear, whereas with EZblocks’, “it’s new technology, all about reusable building materials, just like LEGO blocks, anybody can make it, anybody can use it. This is a great start.”

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As part of its commitment to Build Back Better, EZblocks constructed dozens of social distancing structures for schools, outdoor rinks for communities, and over 150 outdoor patios as part of Toronto’s COVID-safe outdoor dining program, CaféTO.

EZblocks is a Canadian company based in Toronto and is part of the NUCAP family of technology companies that includes NRS Brakes, NUCAP Energy and GRIPMetal.

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Rental options available for assembled structures. For more information, contact us: (800) 913-2907