Building with EZblocks Means Less Human-Made Mass

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In 2020, the amount of human-made mass surpassed the amount of dry weight for all life on earth for the first time ever. Human-made mass (also known as anthropogenic mass) is a measure of how people create and consume resources and, in turn, affect
the world around them.

Visual Capitalist turned a recent study from Nature into a stunning infographic that details the scale of human output. According to the Nature study, in 2020 earth reached a “crossover point” where each person, on average, produced anthropogenic mass equal or greater to individual body weight. At this rate, human-produced mass is expected to nearly triple global living biomass by the year 2040.

While human mass represents only about 0.01 percent of all biomass, humans are impacting the earth in critical ways: Fossil fuel and mineral reserves may run out in the next century if nothing changes.

Not surprisingly, concrete weighs in as the most frequently used building material (and second most-used substance following water) across the globe, followed by bricks and aggregates.

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Unlike these and other materials, EZblocks does not contribute to anthropogenic mass or leave a negative environmental footprint. Rather, EZblocks is a 100 percent reusable and recyclable building block that leaves no trace.

With no paint, no VOCs, no plastics and no adhesives, EZblocks is the antithesis of building materials that harm the environment for generations to come. The sustainable building blocks are made from softwood lumber, which grows faster than hardwood and is considered a renewable resource.

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The world population continues to grow, expand and evolve—which, naturally, affects the environment around us. Creation and consumption go hand in hand with population growth. While human-made mass only represented about 3 percent of the world’s biomass in 1900, it continued to double every two decades to exceed that figure today.

Concrete, bricks and other raw materials aren’t always at the top of the list when environmentalists think about preserving and protecting natural resources, however, they are a critical component of buildings, roads, laptops and most everything else we use in our daily lives. EZblocks presents a better, greener, cleaner alternative that involves zero chemicals or waste—paving the way to a brighter and more sustainable future.

About EZblocks

EZblocks is a Canadian company based in Toronto and is part of the NUCAP family of technology companies that includes NRS Brakes, NUCAP Energy and GRIPMetal.


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