Humongous Wooden Block Installation at Stackt Market a Site to Behold

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This year GRIPMetal is honored to be part of the Design Collection @ stackt, the annual art and design festival that brings together thousands of Torontonians – it’s one of over 100 exhibitions and events forming Toronto’s design week, January 22–31, 2021.

Located at Toronto’s innovative stackt market container mall, the EZblocks @ stackt Exhibition embodies the spirit of its hosts location, employing resulable and modular bricks to form functional structures that can be repurposed as needed and as creativity demands. Assembled in less than a day from over 2,600 “EZblocks”, the wall is the latest structure – erected by Toronto’s own GRIPMetal Inc. – that are beginning to dot Toronto’s landscape.

The wooden blocks, first employed to create walls and infrastructure for social distancing, are finding their way into downtown restaurants such as Locals Only, and the fantastic curved EZblocks walls at Oretta –  both on King St. W. – a mere ten minute walk from the stackt market. The blocks now even surround the company’s head office in Scarborough.

While creating art from building blocks isn’t necessarily new, the stackt market installation is built for both form and function. Part installation, part performance – stackt visitors can watch as this new COVID-safe installation is erected in a matter of hours, and then enjoy the warm, wind-free enclosure while viewing works from some of Toronto’s latest up and coming designers.

The blocks themselves will also serve as a backdrop to original design. While the concepts haven’t been finalized, GRIPMetal hopes the installation can be a fixture at the market through the spring, keeping visitors warm, welcomed and engaged in the best design Toronto has to offer.

About EZblocks

EZblocks is a revolutionary new mechanically attached CLT block construction technology created by Canadian manufacturing innovator GRIPMetal Inc.  EZblocks is used to quickly and easily assemble structures to create new spaces without the use of tools or building expertise.

About GRIPMetal Inc.

GRIPMetal is a Canadian innovation firm whose patented metal attachment technologies have been used worldwide for over twenty year in industries ranging from automotive to construction. GRIPMetal is a part of the NUCAP family which also includes NRS Brakes. For further information on GRIPMetal, visit

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