One Block. Endless Possibilities

Discover how EZblocks can make your events unforgettable!

Use EZblocks to create an immersive event space.

Whether you need a custom structure or an alternative to event furniture/decor, EZblocks has you covered. We provide alternatives to tents, booths, stages, benches, mazes, and walls.

EZblocks are versatile and can create an elegant, professional, or creative experience.

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TOFD vertical res

From community events, food festivals, kids’ events, weddings, corporate, family celebrations and more, we can make your event memorable.


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    In order to create an interactive and eye catching structure for indoor and outdoor events, enjoy our white glove service. We efficiently build and take down structures. EZblocks will take the pressure off of your event planning, tell us what you need and we will build it. There are no limits to EZblocks. Give your customers an event to remember. Interactive, creative, and memorable. Become the next trend setter in events.


    No adhesive. No glues. No hard-to-pronounce materials to worry about. Just natural, sustainable wooden blocks that create safe and strong backyard rinks.


    No more endless hours of carrying building materials and equipment as you construct your rink only to go through the entire process again when removing and storing for the summer.


    No more expensive trips to the hardware store to purchase wood, materials, and building equipment. Plus, additional costs for home delivery or a truck rental to do it yourself.

    One Block. Endless Possibilities

    Tired of the same old event setups? Find Inspiration For Your Next Event With EZblocks

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    Enjoy white  glove service, from order through assembly, with our professional team of planners and installers who can help you create the perfect outdoor event space.

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    EZblocks barriers and walls are assembled in hours with zero foundation required. They are easy to deploy, remove and reuse with little to no building or construction experience required. Use EZblocks to create new event space, and to expand or reinforce existing structures.

    Inquire below and see how we can make
    your event one to remember.


    Once you have decided on your rink size and location, our experienced staff will coordinate the delivery of your rink building materials on the day and time you choose.


    Our team of prefessional installers will arrive on time and assemble your rink within a few hours making sure to add arena lighting and level your skating surface wherever possible.


    When temperatures rise and it's time to hang up your skates for the season, our team will return to your home on the date you choose and remove your rink.

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    Rental options available for assembled structures. For more information, contact us: (800) 913-2907