Solutions For Recreation

Thanks to the support and safety, EZblocks makes it
easier than ever to get the most of your favourite activities.

Patented EZblocks technology makes it easy
to build temporary and permanent structures
for golf courses, parks, hockey rinks and other venues.

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With Lego-like blocks that don’t require any tools for building, EZblocks can create an instant hockey rink indoors or outdoors, a retaining wall to develop defined spaces at a local park, dividing walls in a gym or community center for social distancing, or a structure for year-round outdoor games and recreation.

EZblocks are flexible and adaptable for fun and games, events and entertainment

A modern and innovative building materials, EZblocks are perfect for the park down the block or a state-of-the-art sports venue. They are both attractive and durable, so they can take the pounding of hockey sticks, basketballs and active adventurers.

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Winter time fun is waiting for you!

With the safe and easy to set-up EZblocks RINK

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EZblocks makes it easier than ever to
enjoy the great outdoors

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Whether you are soaking up some fresh air, looking for space to social distance or enjoying a great game, environmentally friendly EZblocks are sustainable and made without glues or adhesives. Setting the stage for year-round adventure, EZblocks turns the whole world into your playground.

Come see
how easy it is
for anyone
build and design
with EZblocks

Come see how easy it is for anyone to build and design with with EZblocks


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    Rental options available for assembled structures. For more information, contact us: (800) 913-2907