EZblocks Customizable Features: Style & Considerations

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You have a vision. When you started to plan this build, you could see success crystal clear in your mind and it wasn’t a boring copy of what everyone else built. It wasn’t some prefab structure or pop-up tent. It was something unique and beautiful, something perfectly you. If that sounds familiar, then EZblocks might be the perfect building material for your needs and build ideas.

What is EZblocks

So, you’ve decided to build your structure with EZblocks.  Great!  Now what?  There are a few easy things you’ll need to do first:

1. You’ll want to examine your space.  How much of it do you have?  What do you need to do with that space?  Think about your needs and how you might fit them into your space.

2. Next, you should think about your ideal features.  Is it an open concept or is it full of cozy little corners?  Do you want flowers or stairs?  Windows or water features?  The modular design of EZblocks unlocks almost any design.  Dream big!

3. Now that you know what you want, sketch it out.  Measure out your space and draw a scale plan of where you will build your EZblocks structure. 

4. When you are ready, send an inquiry to EZblocks via the website for more information on your design.

If this is your first time working with EZblocks, consider taking advantage of their white-glove service for help with design, maintenance, and building.  The EZblocks team is ready and willing to help you make your ideal design a reality.

Features and Design Elements

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EZblocks has a hollow design that makes it naturally insulating.  That is especially useful on both ends of the season when the days are warm, and the nights are cool.  EZblocks restaurant patio walls easily block the wind and hold the warmth of your outdoor heaters at night without becoming stifling during the day.

EZblocks is designed to meet your needs whatever they may be.  With that in mind, there are a number of common features worth considering when designing your structure.

Structural Elements

  • Straight squared walls are easy with EZblocks but so too are curved or wavy walls.  EZblocks blocks come in a pair of different sizes, making it easy to build outside the lines and create more organic shapes
  • Stairs are another common feature.  They are easy to design and build with EZblocks blocks and toppers
  • Tent tops and awnings can be added to EZblocks structures easily, allowing you to keep your structure light and airy while still being protected from the elements.

Color Palette

  • Standard EZblocks blocks come without paint or stain and highlight the nature beauty of their wood grain.  But they can be delivered in any color you request so that they always match your aesthetic.
  • If you like the natural look, you might want to lean into it with a little green space.  The open design of EZblocks accommodates ornamental flower beds with ease, allowing you to add a splash of color the natural way.

Light and Accents

  •  Widows are a great way to take advantage of natural light in your space.  EZblocks easily accommodates windows to provide a sense of openness in your design.
  •  Laminated panels are also available to give your structure a smooth modern-looking finish.
  •  Lighting draws the eye.  Make use of EZblocks accent lighting to help your build stand out.

Be Uniquely You with EZblocks

Your building project is unique, just like you.  Embrace your vision and your passion by taking advantage of EZblocks’ infinite customization.  Inquire about your project at GRIPBlock.com today!

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