Why Choose EZblocks for your Restaurant Patio and Walls


Summer is fast approaching in Toronto and soon restaurant-goers will be looking to enjoy the weather outdoors.  Are you looking to create the perfect patio space for your restaurant?  Are you trying to juggle the right look for your space with a design that will keep your customers comfortable all while searching for something easy to build and environmentally friendly?  If you are, then EZ blocks might be just what you’re looking for.

Patio Walls Made Easy

EZ blocks is a modular, reusable block made of natural materials.  EZ blocks restaurant patio walls are just like a lego-like structure.. They’re fully customizable to whatever best fits your space and aesthetic. Popular added features include:

  • Curved walls
  • Accent lighting 
  • Windows
  • Stairs
  • Flower beds


Once set up, they create a sturdy, cohesive wall that is tough enough to stand up to whatever the season throws at it.

Tear down is just as easy. EZ blocks patio walls can be broken down in just a couple of hours when patio season is over. The blocks are reusable so you can bring them back out when the weather warms again. EZ blocks even offers a white-glove rental service which allows you to rent the blocks by the month or the season. And it comes with installation, maintenance, and tear down services. We take care of everything!

Patio Walls for Toronto Weather

EZ blocks has a hollow design that makes it naturally insulating.  That is especially useful on both ends of the season when the days are warm, and the nights are cool.  EZ blocks restaurant patio walls easily block the wind and hold the warmth of your outdoor heaters at night without becoming stifling during the day.

The Best for Toronto and the Environment


A commitment to the environment is a growing part of your business.  More and more customers want to know that the restaurants they frequent are doing their part to enact sustainable practices. EZ blocks feels the same way, which is why their blocks were designed with the following green features:

  • EZ blocks blocks are made from sustainably harvested softwood trees.  Softwood grows 4x faster than hardwoods, making them a very renewable resource.
  • EZ blocks doesn’t use any paints, VOCs, plastics, or adhesives.
  • Because EZ blocks uses all natural materials, their blocks are 100% reusable and 100% recyclable.
  • On top of all that, EZ blocks is made in Canada, keeping the transportation carbon footprint small.

The Best for Toronto and the Environment

Your restaurant is a unique expression of your vision.  It deserves a patio space that lives up to that standard.  EZ blocks’ limitless versatility, natural insulation, and low carbon footprint make it the best choice for your restaurant patio walls.  Don’t miss your opportunity to share your passion outdoors this summer.  Inquire about creating your patio walls in Toronto with EZ blocks today.

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