The Best Way To Keep Your Restaurant Awesome this Summer: EZblocks

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The melting of the snow signals the arrival of summer and with it, a busy season for many businesses in Toronto. Restaurants in particular, need to prepare for the influx of customers. 

Summer is a time when people are more likely to go out to eat and spend money on food and drinks. Here are five things you can do to ensure your establishment is summer-ready:

Have Plenty of Seating Options

One of the most important aspects of a restaurant’s design is seating. There should be enough seating for all customers. Some restaurants have tables with seats and others have chairs where customers can sit on their own. Regardless, there should be enough seats for everyone. 

It is also important that all chairs and tables are in good condition. This includes proper cushioning for seats as well as no broken or missing pieces on any of the furniture. If a customer sits down and feels uncomfortable, they will not be able to enjoy their time at your establishment.

Prepare some Summer Touches

Summer is a time for fun, sun, and delicious food. It’s also the perfect time to mix things up in your restaurant by adding seasonal specials to your menu. This will keep things interesting for your customers and help you attract new ones.

One way to come up with summer-inspired dishes is to think about what ingredients are in season. For example, you could feature dishes with fresh fruits and vegetables like watermelon, strawberries, and corn. You could also go for lighter fare like grilled chicken or fish.

In terms of décor, you can add bright colors and summer-themed decorations to your restaurant. You can also use beach-themed decor to give your customers a sense of the season.

Get Your Staff Ready

In some cases, a seasonal rush may mean hiring new employees. In the restaurant industry, this could mean hiring an entirely new staff for areas that are popular tourist destinations. However, it’s important to start your recruitment process early so that you’re prepared ahead of time. (Remember, the early job seekers may be the best employees.) But don’t forget, if you have new hires, they need to be adequately trained as well.

Seasonal workers are a great way to help fill in gaps, and it’s possible that you’ll find long-term employees among them. Seasonal employees can be a good way to expand your workforce without having to take on permanent employees.

Get the Word Out

As the summer season draws near, restaurateurs would do well to keep in mind the importance of social media in marketing their businesses. Social media is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to market a restaurant. Platforms such as Instagram offer restaurateurs a unique opportunity to reach potential customers directly and build awareness early on. 

Restaurateurs should begin by creating a cohesive brand identity and visually representing their menu on Instagram. They should then post photos and videos of their food and drinks, as well as behind-the-scenes footage of their kitchen and dining room. 

In order to engage with their audience, restaurants should ask questions and respond to comments. By creating an effective marketing strategy now, restaurants can ensure a successful summer season.

Move Outdoors

When the weather is nice, having an outdoor patio can be a great way to increase business for a restaurant. Many people prefer to eat outside when the weather is nice, and it can also be a great place for people to gather and socialize. There are a few things to keep in mind when making an outdoor patio for a restaurant.

EZblocks is made of high-quality materials that will last for years. It is easy to install, and you can have it up and running in no time. 250+ restaurants in Toronto have already installed EZblocks patios, you can create the perfect patio for your restaurant. For more information, visit us at

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