5 Forts Have Been Built at Celebration Square Mississauga

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Celebration Square is located in downtown Mississauga. An outdoor space where five impressive forts where visitors can relax and enjoy have been erected for a limited time..

While at Celebration Square, visitors can grab snacks, read books, access free Wi-Fi, learn how to skate, rest in the Jubilee Garden or have fun with the Fountain.

The Celebration square hosts multiple complementary events including festivals, concerts, fitness sessions, and more. There’s everything for visitors who want to experience something new. Most importantly, Celebration Square is perfect for connecting various individuals with the community.

A bit more about Celebration Square Mississauga and the 5 forts built by Canadian based EZblocks that you can visit today:

1. Legends Row

As you enter the Jubilee Garden, you’ll notice this permanent walk of fame at the entrance. This legendary location recognizes the accomplishments and contributions of outstanding individuals in Mississauga. Every plaque at the Legends Row highlights the achievements, impacts, and contributions of permanent figures who influenced the community.

The Legends Row is open to the public throughout the year. However, note that there are plans to  relocate this area to a permanent location known as Forested Garden, in the Southeast corner of Celebration Square.

The new area will provide adequate space for everyone who wants to learn more about individuals who contributed massively to the community. Moreover, the Forested Garden will include additional  features such as benches, sculptures, foliage, and other exciting elements.

2. Public Art

Many people visit Celebration Square Mississauga to enjoy the public art displays. The book sculpture’s new installation is a joy to watch for many visitors. The book was incorporated into the public art collection in 2014 to characterize the Celebration Square and the neighboring Central Library. The book contains words and symbols that reflect the human body and the origins of writing.

3. The Queen’s Jubilee Garden

The Jubilee Garden is located at the upper Square. The green public space features walking paths, general seating areas, shrubs, shaded trees, and flowering plants. Visitors will relax and enjoy the wonders of nature while at this natural space located at the heart of downtown Mississauga.

4. The Fountain

The Celebration Square has transformed the downtown core of Mississauga into arguably the most attractive, vibrant and diverse area of the city. One of the critical factors leading this transformation is the Fountain, which is open during the summer months. The Fountain hosts weekly events, celebrations, festivals, and more.

5. The Rink

The Ice Rink operates daily, and it’s free for public access. Whether you want to learn ice skating or have fun skating, this Ice rink should be your top destination. 

EZblocks is a Cross Laminated Timber block that is lightweight, strong, and renewable. It can be used to construct Ice rinks, walls, restaurant patio walls and now forts! For more information, visit our website at GripBlock.com 

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