Why You Should Install Separators in the Office


The world is changing, more especially in how we work. The Coronavirus is the primary driving force behind these changes. Most offices closed to contain the spread and companies had to notify their workers to work from home.

However,  due to changes in work dynamics, many companies have recalled their employees back to the office. Enhanced Protocols have  been established to enhance the safety of workers and their families in an office environment.

As they return to their offices, safety remains a key concern. As a result, new products such as office separators are stemming up to help businesses divide spaces in the office for safety reasons.  

EZblocks is one such product that effectively makes these office separations or walls and makes them look good. So, why should you install EZblocks separators in the office?

1. Easy to install

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The EZblocks separators give you an easy experience  during installation. The installation process doesn’t require any glue or adhesives to install these separators in the office. Businesses  use LEGO- like block technology to create safety barriers in offices, conference rooms, and other meeting spaces.

Also, it’s easy to install, reconfigure and remove these modern blocks within a few hours. Depending on the business’s needs, these blocks can be deployed anywhere to quickly install new barriers.

2. Available in classy designs


Although the primary goal of separators is to divide the office space and create barriers, they come with a touch of class. They can be used to create squared spaces, cubicle spaces, rectangle dividers or curved and rounded barriers in the office. With social distance requirements now becoming the norm, these traditional barriers can add a sense of style and design to the office.

These modern blocks have created a paradigm shift to how people create barriers and divide spaces to enhance safety in the office. They offer a more creative and innovative approach to adherence towards social distancing at the workplace. Also, if you want to create a beautiful  space indoor or outdoor, these separators can come in handy as well.

3. A more finished and permanent feel


It takes only a few hours to disengage the separators, but it’s interesting to note that these reusable modern blocks offer a permanent feel because of the way they’re constructed. Manufacturers use the GRIPmetal strips to clamp the wood from top to bottom. The resulting woodblock is then interconnected with the one below to form a finished and continuous piece.

Businesses can use these pieces to create barriers in their offices without worrying about dust, ruining their equipment, or affecting workers with allergies.

4. Privacy and minimal distractions

Separators help reduce noise levels, enabling employees to work without getting distracted. They offer a high level of privacy, making it possible to hold meetings professionally and privately. Moreover, employees will feel more secure working within their own spaces.


Workspace Social distancing is the new norm right now. Most businesses have embarked on efficient plans to respond to that measure. That’s why most of them install separators in their offices to create appropriate and safe working spaces. Wether you are looking for separators or simply need a wall in your office, EZblocks is the sustainable solution.

If you also want to adhere to workplace social distancing, consider installing these LEGO-like blocks from EZblocks. These blocks are robust, easy to install and come in various attractive designs that enhance any space’s beauty. 

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